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Perl Language Home Page - This is a very useful site for Perl Reference. It contains FAQS, software for download, and all the latest news regarding Perl.

Python Language Web Site - This site contains information on the Python Language. It contains documentation, FAQS, and the latest software for download.

Microsoft Knowledge Base - Search Microsoft's entire Knowledge Base, Troubleshooting Wizards, and downloadable files.

devX.com - DevX.com helps software developers and IT professionals get answers to tough development questions.

Common Lisp, the Language, 2nd Edition - This site is a good reference manual for Common Lisp. It also contains FAQS and other information about the language.

MFC Programmer's Sourcebook - This site has hundreds of code snippets that will help you with Windows Programming. It also contains FAQS, coding tips, and reference material for C++ and Visual C++.

Microsoft Visual C++ Home Page - Homepage for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 with product information, technical information, samples and downloads, developer community information and product news and reviews.

SHAREWARE.COM - The way to find shareware on the Internet.

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