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Winzip 8.0 (1.3MB) This is a winzip utility that can be used to retrieve archived files.
WSFTP 6.05 (1.0MB) This is a windows ftp application.

SAMBA Web Pages Access to web sites that provide a utility to allow unix to windows connectivity.
Freeware for Solaris Utilities for various platforms from SPARC/Solaris 2.5 to Intel/Solaris 8.
Xemacs Download the latest version of xemacs.

TEST.ZIP (152) This file is simply a test file for downloading. It is a text file TEST.TXT
ES-1104.ZIP (1530K) This is the VB4.0 project source code for EatSmart (v1.4).
EATSMART.ZIP (5941K) This is the release version of EatSmart (v1.4).
ES14-D1.ZIP EatSmart v1.4 floppy disk 1.
ES14-D2.ZIP EatSmart v1.4 floppy disk 2.
ES14-D3.ZIP EatSmart v1.4 floppy disk 3.
ES14-D4.ZIP EatSmart v1.4 floppy disk 4.
ES14-D5.ZIP EatSmart v1.4 floppy disk 5.

Edge Company Profile (212KB) This is a pdf document containing information regarding Edge Software Inc.

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