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Rates and Billing

EDGE Software Inc. has two general methods of payment for its services: fixed cost and hourly.

Fixed cost is used primarily when there is a clearly defined project. For example, the goals, tasks, and scope of the project are well defined. This method is often used for our application development efforts in the Windows environment. The end project cost is directly proportional to the complexity and scale of the application and are negotiated on a project-by-project basis.

The hourly method is used when these items are less clear. For example, on an R&D project, or when it is not practical to thoroughly define a project up-front due to time limitations or lack of information. This method is more common in the EDA industry. Hourly rates vary based on type of work, the experience level of the person performing the work, and the length of the engagement. Engagement terms are generally: Individual hourly, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months with rates decreasing for longer term engagements. Rates range are from $30/hr for low-end documentation and testing up to $150/hr and higher for top-level project management and high-end technical development.

EDGE Software's rates are structured to maximize the value for its clients. Rates are scaled according to the type of work done and the experience of the individual doing the work. EDGE staffs projects with the proper combination of team members to maximize the return for the customer thus saving them time and money.

EDGE Software's standard billing practice is to invoice semimonthly with payment due within two weeks of the invoice date. This practice is used on all hourly contracts unless a separate payment arrangement has been negotiated. Billing terms on fixed price contracts is always defined within the project's contract. These terms generally reflect a percentage up-front, a percentage upon completion of a significant milestone, a percentage upon delivery, and a percentage as a retainer until final acceptance by the client.

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