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In the Windows applications arena, EDGE developers have written applications since the first release of Windows 2.x. We know the operating system and have extensive experience with the fundamentals of Windows development. EDGE developers have worked on everything from personal nutrition software to GPS satellite tracking systems. During the course of our development experience, EDGE has implemented countless applications, utilized all aspects of the MS Windows environment (such as ODBC, DDE, OLE, DLLs, drivers, threading, etc.), and has gained experience with all the major integrated development environments (IDEs, such as Visual, Borland, etc.) In past projects, EDGE has ported applications, interfaced with external hardware (scanners, data collection devices, etc.), and implemented distributed network solutions.

The first step to developing a Window application is designing the graphical user interface (GUI). An effective GUI is critical to the acceptance and success of any Windows application. Failure to produce an effective GUI will kill even the best application. EDGE has years of experience in GUI design, both for the Windows operating system and others. EDGE consultants work very closely with our clients to design the best GUI possible for their specific application.

Integral to the design of the GUI and the remainder of the application is the choice of development tools. Windows application development takes many forms. EDGE works with its clients to determine the most cost-effective solution given their needs. Depending on the client's requirements, EDGE will either recommend a high-level framework application structure (such as Visual Basic, Power Builder, or Visual FoxPro), or a lower-level development tool (such as Visual C++). The benefits of higher-level frameworks include decreased development time, rapid prototyping, and lower costs. The trade-offs are lack of flexibility, larger overhead, and limited features. EDGE has the experience to help our clients make the right choice and strike the proper balance.

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