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In the Semiconductor EDA field, EDGE has been involved in developing everything from chip-level design browsers down to transistor place and route tools. We have worked with both leading semiconductor producers (such as Texas Instruments, Advanced Micro Devices, etc.) and leading industry tool vendors (such as Cadence Design Systems, Mentor Graphics, etc.). Our Integrated Circuit (IC) projects have utilized most of the industry standard tools and languages enabling EDGE to gain an independent, third party perspective. Through these projects we have gained unique experience with numerous APIs, languages, and methodologies implemented throughout the EDA market. EDGE has been called upon by chip producers to help increase their design flow efficiency, and even leading EDA tool vendors themselves such as Cadence Design Systems and Mentor Graphics have called upon EDGE Software's experience to help them with their product development efforts.

The fast-paced world of EDA software development poses a unique set of challenges. Semiconductor CAD departments must constantly walk the line between utilizing the industry standard "off-the-shelf" tools and their own internally developed systems. The struggle to integrate the more generalized industry tools with their own customized tools and design flows is a never-ending effort. EDGE's diverse experience enables us to be of unique value to our EDA clients.

EDGE is one of the few independent software development firms with the highly specialized experience needed to support EDA software development. EDA development requires the developer to have a unique combination of a strong engineering foundation as well as solid software development skills. To get this combination, companies traditionally either train their engineering staff internally, or hire independent contractors on an as-needed basis. Training staff internally requires time that is often not available due to the fast-paced changes in semiconductor design cycles. Hiring independent contractors is often a gamble. Companies don't know if they've hired a quality developer until they're already committed. In addition, because these individuals are usually hired for short periods then released, there is no continuity with the project and/or the internal design team. EDGE solves these problems.

EDGE has experience throughout the complete IC design flow. The following are a few of processes, technologies, and tools with which we have experience:

     Library Characterization
     Simulation and Modeling
     Floor-planning & Timing Budgeting
     Logic Verification
     Automatic Place and Route (APR)
     Layout Parasitic Extraction
     In-place Optimization and Back-annotation
     Static/Dynamic Timing Analysis
     Physical Verification

    System-on-Chip (SoC)
    Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)
    Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)
    Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)
    Very Deep SubMicron (VDSM)
    Cadence TestBuilder Verification Reuse Methodology (VRM) and Transaction Verification Modules (TVMs)

    Cadence Tools (NC-SIM, Silicon Ensemble, etc.)
    Mentor Tools (DA, DC, Calibre, etc.)
    Synopsys Tools (PT/DC/LC shells, Arcadia, etc.)
    Other Vendors: SiliconMetrics (CellRater), Silicon Valley Research (DCP), Ultima (UDC), Avant! (PL, AP, etc.)
    Languages and Formats: RTL, SPICE, VHDL, Vital, Verilog, PLI, ALF(Advanced Library Format), Synopsys Library Format, IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification), Mentor Graphic's Ample Language, Cadence Pillar Database

As a custom software development firm, EDGE Software has amassed an impressive resume of EDA projects. It's the custom nature of our development projects that has enabled EDGE to acquire vast experience in many diverse areas of the design flow. Our experience, in conjunction with our quality personnel, enables EDGE to be dynamic enough to tackle almost any EDA project. No matter what your development challenge, EDGE consultants can be a valuable resource.

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