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EDGE Software Inc. is a custom software services firm based in Austin, TX. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of both software and hardware development. Our experienced staff of professionals have worked with a wide array of platforms, languages, and tools in the course of our various projects.

Quite simply: we write code. However, unlike most software companies, we realize that's only part of the job. We don't just write code, we develop professional software. This is why our clients choose EDGE. Many companies can find programmers to generate code. However, few have the experience to produce professional quality software.

Our ability to develop code is only the beginning of our capabilities. Being a custom firm, EDGE is able to provide our clients with a variety of services. A few of the services available from EDGE include:

    System Architecture And Design
    Project Management
    IT Support and Network Administration
    Complete Turnkey Systems
    Testing and Quality Assurance
    Feasibility Studies
    Technical Documentation and Training Services
    Placement and Recruiting Services

Our goal at EDGE Software is to become our client's first choice for software services. To accomplish this we strive to exceed our client's expectations. EDGE clients cannot simply be satisfied with the job we do, they must be impressed. In this manner, EDGE builds lasting partnerships with its clients and ensures our clients will return when they have further development needs.

Providing quality software services begins with experience and ends with dedication. EDGE Software's professionals have years of experience in design, development, and testing of countless software projects. It is this experience, along with our dedication to giving clients the best quality service possible that sets EDGE apart from other firms.

EDGE Software has a proven track record of providing high quality, custom software and project management services. Our client list includes Fortune 100 corporations, government agencies, and small businesses. Our experience is broad and spans the complete software development cycle.

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